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Witness the conversion of The RTS II The new GMC. From start to finish we will take you there with pictures of the conversion process

Model: 1982 RTS II

Dimensions: 40' long ; 8'6'' wide

Power Plant: 6V92TA Engine

Transmission: Allison V-730 D series

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RTS Dash Design 8-Gauge System RTS Dash Design 10 Gauge Deluxe System RTS Dash Dimensions Finished Look of RTS !!
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Outside view Front and side view Rear view Dash view
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down the hall view Looking forward Outside side panels removed Rear hatch removed
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Inside looking forward hollowed out Inside to rear hollowed out Inside mid center hollowed out
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Moving Window support Framing the new door  Welding door frame in Welding door frame in
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Removing excess metal Finish Door frame with steps Measuring front dash Replacing 24v starter with 12v
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Replacing 24v starter with 12v Connecting water line Connecting water line


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